About Us


P2I to be the leading partner in India, offering a seamless and integrated extension to the Sales and Marketing teams of our partners. Through these partnerships we will spearhead calculated and strategic sales and marketing initiatives to promote outbound business from India to our valued partner’s across the world.


Our vision is achieving superior results through our unique approach to representation, marketing and public relations. Whether you are our Customer, Guest, Associate, Partner or Owner, you can expect our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We are a fast moving, performance-based, goal-oriented organization, where passionate, competent and focused individuals are given the tools, guidance and techniques to make a difference.

Your Gateway to
The Indian Market

It’s not an easy task to identify the right combination of commercial awareness, business acumen, industry experience, client segmentation and marketing tactics that will help your growth.

Not all our clients are alike but each of them comes to us to grow their business goals. Some clients are looking to attract corporate travellers while others want help positioning their businesses within the leisure travel market. Some clients need help ensuring that their marketing and branding is reflecting on what to offer while other offer dream destinations.

We provide bespoke hospitality services that create strong brand awareness and more importantly, increase financial returns. We help companies thrive from strength to strength through sustained, incremental growth.

P2I offers a pioneering business model to our partners – the option to completely outsource their sales and marketing function.

When offering this service to our customers, P2I fully integrates to take on the role of Sales & Marketing Director with the same accountabilities as an in-house team, with all areas covered from strategy inception to tactical delivery.

When fully outsourcing sales and marketing to P2I, the marketing team will not only create a strategy, but also deliver it. This cohesive approach sees the professionalism of P2I applied from the conception of an idea through to the end result.

Responsibilities range from preparing detailed marketing plans and budgets to developing and managing brand strategy, along with developing and managing online marketing strategies, to creating distribution and promotion strategies and managing the sales & PR teams which could include other agencies.


How well do you know your target clients, what they are looking for and what motivates their travel purchase decisions?

Our team members are experts in understanding your audience and advise you on what drives the market segments that matter to you.

Business development – How should you position your brand and your marketing? What are your competitors doing and how can you gain market share?

We deliver sales and marketing strategies that equip our partners to compete against international players in a global market.

End-to-end technology solutions.

Which BD and marketing strategies are delivering the best results?


Transparency and accountability underlines all of our relationships:

  • Quarterly reviews
  • Access to AP Digital (CRM)
  • Hotel sales & marketing strategy and action plan
  • Delivering targets
  • Hotel Return on Investment Report
  • Revenue, opportunities and pipeline reports
  • 360 degree account penetration action plan


We are committed to showcasing your business even further maximising your industry exposure with a full programme at targeted events including:

  • Webinars
  • Roadshows
  • Show case & Lifestyle events
  • Leadership and Strategic approach
  • Industry events round table
  • Trade Exhibitions


• We engage exclusively in representing, supporting and developing independently owned luxury hotels/DMC’s/Tourism Boards/Entertainment parks around the globe.

• We adopt a highly commercial and pragmatic approach to advising our clients on their individual requirements.

• We are a diverse team of experts who assist clients in addressing cultural differences and help them overcome the challenges of breaking into key markets.

• Our strong client relationships with key decision-makers across all market segments expose our partners to establish direct communication.

• Our tailor-made approach to address the needs of each client ensures that each of the P2i sales team works very closely with our partner’s team.


Passage 2 India enables independent hoteliers/DMC’s/Tourism Board/Entertainment Parks to compete against international players in a global market. To create brand awareness Passage2India exhibits at the international trade shows, worldwide conferences, exhibitions, networking events and conducting quarterly roadshows with the hotel teams.

Passage2india was created to bridge the gap in the international hospitality/Tourism marketing strategy that currently exist.

From in-depth experience of over twenty-five years in the lucrative India market, we offer unparalleled opportunities of market penetration targeting the travel trade, major corporations and those with a high net worth income who currently have limited access to knowledge of our unique collection’s bespoke qualities.

Sales & Marketing Management

Passage2India is respected as the pioneer of outsourced sales and marketing management for hotels in the luxury, business and resorts segments, as well as offering a full range of marketing and public relations.

We develop and lead sales & marketing team to maximise revenues to their hotels and engage with them to increase productivity from key segments like corporate, leisure, wedding and meetings.

Our objective is to provide leadership and guidance to the sales & marketing teams to achieve sustained growth through strategic initiatives.

Shared Business Solutions

The team at Passage2India would also be responsible for hand holding existing sales teams in operational hotels and guide them to achieve revenue growth on a yearly basis.


Sales Representation in the Indian market requires expertise, professionalism, and industry know-how, our sales teams are well-networked in the industry to increase awareness within their carefully curated client base.

Through a combination of strategic and tactical methods, we have a long, proven track record of increasing revenue for our clients in the Indian markets. With your specific goals in mind, we will create an integrated and comprehensive full service sales and marketing program to maximize revenue potential within new or existing markets.

Curated Sales Missions & Roadshows

Whether alone or with partners, single or multi-city, media or trade-focused, we can organize sales missions and roadshows to help you increase your exposure in the Indian market. We will support you in building new, meaningful partnerships with local players, from creative event ideas, to effective meeting scheduling, to consistent follow up, we take care of all the details, this has resulted in high turnouts at each of our events for our clients.


Passage To India prides itself on its objectivity and knowledge in selecting the best and most charming luxury hotels and serviced apartments, as well as enchanting destinations, show-stopping entertainment and cultural events from all over the world. We are looking to work with tourism authorities, attractions and events that appeal to a global audience, five star hotels, be they boutique, luxury, lifestyle, resort or serviced apartments.